Travel Montreal Like a Local: The Mile End

We spent a day in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood with Danica Olders and Marc Antoine Clement. Both artists, who among the other writers, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs, have forged their careers in this city’s northeast corridor.

Full of reminders of its industrial past, this hipster capital of Canada is reminiscent of Brooklyn and Halifax according to Olders. Our visit was grounded in the now-defunct Café Sardine where coffee and donuts are abundant. Maison Sociale will take over the coffee program from Sardine but the doughnuts aren’t going anywhere.

Olders and Clement also name their favorite spots including Fairmount Bagel and Casa Del Popolo. Their work also appear in popular venues like Bar Datcha, a Russian-themed nightclub, it’s sister espresso / cocktail bar next door Bar Kabinet, and Hawaiian luau themed Le Mal Necessaire in Chinatown. Stop by to check them out.

Produced by Beverly Rose and CatAroundFilms